Organising Committee

Ania Łeń
Project originator studying maths joined with physics within Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences at University of Warsaw. Non-academically, her biggest hobby is organisation of things, especially the ones related to education. Additionally, she is keen on winter sports, badminton, travelling and late-night walks.

Paweł Piwek
Project originator studying mathematics at University of Cambridge. Maths-wise keen on any kind of algebra (even the one that may be considered applied), with exuberant love for group theory and commutative diagrams. Apart from that, he’s a great enthusiast of partying, hiking with outdoor cooking, snowboarding and rock climbing.

Grzegorz Dłużewski
Currently studying at University of Cambridge. Definitely obsessed with combinatorics, enjoying Olympiad maths quite a lot as well. An illustration of that is that he learnt cyrillic just to be able to read some russian PDFs on geometry. In his free time he enjoys playing the piano (with Debussy among his favourite composers) and going on much too long mountain hikes.

Szymon Zwara
Currently studying mathematics and computer science at University of Warsaw. He enjoys competing in almost any discipline and seeing himself progress, but at the same time loves helping others and working in a team. He fully devotes himself to whatever he finds interesting. In his free time he enjoys playing football, chess as well as doing other sports, playing games and hanging out with friends.

Tomasz Przybyłowski
Currently studying mathematics at University of Warsaw. Tomek enjoys solving geometry problems, juggling and talking about life. He's into hiking (Bieszczady mountains!) and in general - into travelling. If you want to play badminton at night, you should definitely meet up with him!

Łukasz Bożyk
Combinatorics lover and LaTeX wizard studying mathematics at University of Warsaw. He is devoted night badminton player, keen hiker, skier and kayaker. Always smiling and full of energy he loves sharing his optimism and knowledge with others, by teaching classes and organising mathematical camps, workshops and competitions.

Assisting Committee

Marta Mościcka
Website coordinator studying mathematics and computer science at University of Warsaw. Apart from maths and web-development, she carries her guitar with her basically everywhere and is always willing to sing. She's also fond of astronomy, does some DIY and always looks for inspiration.

Bartłomiej Żak
Currently studying mathematics, working as a devops and drifting into the world of programming. After being dissapointed in abstract mathematics he learned to take his comfort in bit more material pleasures like computer graphics and stochastics simulations. After work he's eager to spend night gaming or reading about modern history of former Eastern Block countries.